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Why A Child Needs A Child Size Toothbrush

Toothbrushes aren’t a one size fits all device. A toothbrush should always fit comfortably in your child’s mouth so that a parent or child can reach everywhere they need to reach. Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry is happy to provide more insight into the right toothbrush size for your child at their routine dental cleaning and checkup.

This will help prevent cavities.
Let’s explore what to look for in a toothbrush based upon your child’s age.

Tooth Brush Basics
Before we discuss ages, let’s look some characteristics that all children’s toothbrushes should have.
1. Soft bristles — Medium or hard bristles may permanently damage gums
2. Rounded end — The ends of the bristles should be polished so that they don’t have sharp edges
3. Fun – Your child will be more likely to brush if the toothbrush design is something they like

0-2 Years Old
You can begin brushing a child’s gums before they have any teeth or use a damp cloth. The head of the toothbrush will be very small with a large soft handle that Baby can grip.
Start getting your child accustomed to a twice-daily routine.
If your toddler wants to brush by herself, encourage it. But brush her teeth first to make sure it’s done properly.

3-9 Years Old
Your child now can use a more normal-looking toothbrush. But it’s smaller. The head will fit comfortably in the mouth with a narrow handle that the child now has the motor skills to grip.
The child should be brushing his teeth with constant to intermediate supervision.

10-16 Years Old
By this age, the child should have an independent cleaning routine. Pre-teen/Teen sized, themed power toothbrushes with timers are a great way to keep pre-teens and teens interested in oral health.

17+ Years Old
Your child will now use an adult size toothbrush and continue to stay healthy because of the healthy habits that you helped nurture.

Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry has 4 convenient locations to provide excellent dental care for your little one. Call today to schedule your child’s dental cleaning.


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