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Baby Teeth, The Roadmap To Strong Permanent Teeth

When you hear the words ‘baby teeth’ you would generally imagine the teeth of a baby, but don’t be deceived. In fact, your child carries some of these teeth with them well into middle school. Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry promotes great oral health for children to achieve the goal of excellent health.

In the pediatric dental office we are often presented with many parent’s who do not fully understand the importance of baby teeth. We want to help you better understand why they’re so important. Baby teeth help your child not only with chewing up their food, but also with their speech. As your child develops from a small infant into an adolescent, their diets change as well. They transition from soft baby foods to being able to eat everything that we can. Watching what they eat will help prevent cavities and avoid an extra trip to the dentist.

While every child will lose their baby teeth at different rates, all baby teeth will be replaced with permanent teeth. As the permanent teeth push their way through the gums the baby teeth act as a holding place. Think about teeth in a more creative viewpoint, try to refer to the baby teeth as the ‘leader’ and the permanent teeth as the ‘follower’. Without the baby teeth holding their place, the permanent teeth may get ‘lost’ and not go exactly where we want them to.

As adults, we need our teeth to help us with our speech and chewing our foods, the same applies for your child, they need these teeth. Your pediatric dental provider will recommend the best treatment for your child. Every dental patient is different and your pediatric dentist is trained to help provide the best dental care for your child.

We look forward to providing dental care for your child. Call today to schedule an appointment with Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry.

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