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Your Child’s Dental Visit & Timing

We know that some children may become anxious when visiting a dental office. It is our job as a pediatric dental provider to provide the most relaxing atmosphere to make your child’s dental visit a pleasant one. Here suggestions from our team at Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry on finding the best time to schedule your child’s dental appointment.

Early Elementary– When scheduling appointments for younger children, you should take their sleep schedule into consideration. Waking them earlier than their normal wake up time, scheduling an appointment too soon after they wake up, or scheduling right before or during usual nap time, can increase anxiety and exhaustion. This can lead to an unpleasant experience. We suggest considering scheduling in late morning or if nap time is early enough a couple hours after.

Later Elementary/Middle School – These are time for a ton of sleep! They can be a little slow waking up in the morning. So in early mornings, your child may not be at his/her best. Bringing an older child to the dentist after school seems the logical choice, because school is important. But it’s also important to be aware of your child’s energy levels after school. If your child is often exhausted after school, then you will want to schedule earlier in the day.  Early afternoon is ideal for this age group.

High School – In high school, teens are often beginning to develop their adult patterns. Some teens are early risers and a first of the day appointment would work well for them. Others are not.  After school is rarely a good time for this age group. Early or mid-morning works best for most at this age.

We know the new year brings new dental insurance for most and many parents are rushing to get their child into the dental office. We also know that finding a time that is available at our office and a great time for your child is important for a wonderful dental experience. By considering your child’s age, patterns and temperament throughout the day, you can find the perfect time to schedule your child. Our team members at Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry are trained to help you find the best time to schedule your child’s appointment. Give us a call today to schedule.

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