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Braces Charlotte | The Different Types of Braces Kids

Does your child struggle with crooked teeth or a misaligned jaw? Although these problems can be addressed by using various forms of dental appliances, braces Charlotte are still considered to be the primary means for straightening your child’s teeth or correcting his bite. Parents whose kids have orthodontic issues often wonder about the types of braces Charlotte that could be used to straighten their child’s smile. To help you make an informed decision, check this out:


These metal braces Charlotte have a modular design and are made of high-quality stainless steel with soft-plastic/rubber holder on top to secure the wire into its position. Furthermore, it allows the attachment of dental rubber bands that come in various colors.


Except for the rubber holders on top, self-ligating braces are similar to metal braces. A metal clip locks the wire into place on top of the bracket. Compared to conventional braces, these are easier to clean, more comfortable, and require less frequent adjustment.


This type features brackets that are made of ceramic that are larger in size yet less prominent and brittle. This is ideal for older kids because it needs more care compared to other options.


These have acrylic shells or trays that are meant to go over the teeth to apply pressure on them. Aside from the fact that they’re easy to remove and clean every time your kid eats. Although this option is a lot more comfortable for your child, their use is limited and it’s not designed to treat all of your children’s orthodontic problems.


Those who want to steer clear from visible braces Charlotte should choose lingual braces Charlotte. For this option, the brackets go behind the teeth instead of the front. Furthermore, each of the lingual brace brackets is custom-made for every tooth.

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For more information about kids’ braces Charlotte, contact Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry to schedule an appointment.

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