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Every kids dentist Waxhaw encourages parents to inspire and encourage their children to take care of their teeth and gums. Did you know that as soon your child’s teeth are in contact with each other food particles can get caught between them? This creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow until the buildup of plaque and tartar takes place. Before you know it, early signs of tooth decay become noticeable. To keep this from happening, you’ll need to apply the following tips:

Use Fluoride Toothpaste

Did you know that the American Dental Association recommends fluoride toothpaste for kids to protect their teeth from cavities? Be sure to check if your child’s toothpaste has the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s seal of approval.

Choose the Right Toothbrush

If you want to ensure excellent dental and oral health for your child, be sure to choose the right toothbrush. When shopping for your kid’s toothbrush, be sure to take note of the brush head as well as the handle. Keep in mind that the head of the toothbrush needs to be just the right size for your child’s mouth. Also, you’ll want them to be able to grip the handle comfortably as they brush for at least two minutes twice a day. Furthermore, their toothbrush should be replaced every 6 months.

Floss Daily

Although most kids don’t enjoy flossing, it’s important to make them understand that it’s just as important as brushing because it cleans the space between their teeth and around their gum line. If you have younger kids, it’s best to let them try using floss picks or a flatter dental floss.

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