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Braces Charlotte | Reasons Why Early Orthodontic Treatment is Important

You probably won’t think ahead to braces Charlotte when your kids are still waiting for the tooth fairy to give them a few dollars. But did you know that it’s best to have an orthodontist evaluate your child’s teeth by the time they turn seven? This doesn’t necessarily mean that your kid will need to have those braces by then. However, a visit to the orthodontist will determine potential issues that need future treatment. Here are the reasons why starting orthodontic treatment is important.

Create Room for Permanent Teeth

The orthodontist can create the needed space for new teeth especially when your child’s mouth is getting crowded. Dental crowding can cause their teeth to be out of alignment or positioned at an odd angle.

Identify Other Dental Problems

A visit to the orthodontist’s office will also help you address other dental issues that your child is being confronted with. These include mouth breathing, protruding or shifting jaws, speech issues, and the inability to close their lips comfortably.

Reinforce Good Dental Habits

Taking time to see the orthodontist would not only teach your child about good dental health, but it will also give the orthodontist a chance to reinforce the good dental habits that you’ve been trying to establish. For instance, an orthodontist can clearly explain to your child why sucking his or her thumb is bad for the teeth and the problems that come from that habit. In most cases, kids listen to people who are in authority even if those people say the same things that their parents do.

Ensures a Healthy Smile

When you address issues such as crooked teeth or any type of orthodontic issue early, you help ensure that your children will have a healthy and beautiful smile as they grow up.

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Does Your Child Need Braces Charlotte?

If you suspect that your child needs braces Charlotte, don’t hesitate to contact Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry to schedule an appointment.

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