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Kids Dentist Charlotte | The Basics of Premature Tooth Loss in Children

Every parent who is concerned about their child’s overall health will make sure that their little one’s teeth and gums are in excellent condition. Aside from teaching and establishing good dental and oral hygiene habits, they also make sure that their kids never miss their appointments with the kids dentist Charlotte. If you’re someone who wants your child to grow up with a happy and healthy smile, you’ve probably asked a dentist about premature tooth loss in children. Here are some things that you need to know about it.

Reasons Why Baby Teeth Are Important

Did you know that if you make sure that your child’s baby teeth are healthy and falling out naturally, you can be sure that they’ll experience a lifetime of great oral health? Furthermore, without their baby teeth, it will be challenging for them to speak words clearly and chew food properly. When their permanent teeth are starting to come through, their baby teeth act as space holders that will help ensure their proper placement.

When Do Kids Start Losing Teeth?

Most kids begin to lose their teeth by the time they turn 6 and most are done before they reach the age of 13. When your child prematurely loses their teeth, gaps that aren’t ready to be filled are created. Their chances of developing jaw problems, crowding, an uneven bite, and oddly-positioned teeth that are difficult to clean – will dramatically increase. As soon as your kid’s baby teeth are lost before the right time, the kids dentist Charlotte will recommend the use of space maintainers until their permanent teeth come through.

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Does Your Child Need to See a Kids Dentist Charlotte?

When your child loses their baby teeth too early, you’ll need to consult your kids dentist Charlotte to know if any treatment is needed to preserve their smiles. Young and Polite Children is committed to providing the best pediatric dental care to every patient. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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