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What Does Black Tartar on My Child’s Teeth Mean?

Despite taking care of your kid’s teeth by performing regular dental hygiene, it is still possible that he or she may have black stains due to certain drinks and foods. However, don’t ever be discouraged since there are numerous ways to fix stained teeth and prevent further stains from developing. According to a kids dentist in Steele Creek, black stains are more than just staining your teeth; it is also a sign of tooth decay.

who is the best kids dentist steele creek?

Everything You Need to Know About Black Tartar


According to a kid’s dentist in Steele Creek, dark brown or black stains in kids are caused by several reasons. The black stains found on the outside of your kid’s tooth may be due to certain medications, foods, and drinks. Additionally, the black spots may also be caused by severe tooth health problems or internal decay from the cavities.

Black tartar is commonly the result of plaque buildup because of poor dental hygiene. Although it may be found above the gums, it is often seen on your kid’s tooth surface. Over time, plaque buildup can react to acids from the foods and drinks your kid consumes, and it will harden, making it very difficult to remove.

Black Tooth Decay

If black tartar and black stains are left untreated, it may lead to black tooth decay. The moment a toothbrush can no longer remove it, it is essential that you seek the services of a trusted and efficient kid’s dentist in Steele Creek so it can be addressed as early as possible.

As tartar and plaque buildup remains on your kid’s tooth, it will slowly break down the outer layer. When the external layer of your kid’s tooth enamel is damaged, bacteria will enter the tooth that will lead to infections and cavities.

who is the best kids dentist steele creek?

Looking for the Best Kid’s Dentist in Steele Creek?

If you think your kid has black stains or tartar, you should schedule an appointment so the dentist can assess, determine, and prevent damage or infection on your kid’s tooth. Contact us today!

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