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Treatments by Pediatric Dentists

Every pediatric dentist in Mint Hill is responsible for the dental care of their growing patients. They conduct several procedures, depending on the child’s medical history and condition.

Who is the best Pediatric Dentist Mint Hill?

What are the Dental Procedures Commonly Performed by Pediatric Dentists?

Space Maintainers

When your child prematurely loses a primary tooth due to injury, disease, or decay, your pediatric dentist will suggest he gets space maintainers. This treatment is usually conducted to maintain open space in the gums. Likewise, space maintainers prevent misalignment and overcrowding as your children’s permanent teeth grow in.

Baby Tooth Extractions

The extraction of baby teeth typically only happens if they are extremely damaged or decayed due to injury. Another common reason why they may need to be extracted is when the primary tooth blocks the eruption of the permanent teeth.

Cavity Fillings for Baby teeth

Early cavities often appear on the biting areas of primary molars. Furthermore,  you’ll typically find them to be a light brown color. These cavities may also be found on your child’s anterior teeth, such as canines or incisors.

Additionally, your child needs to practice dental hygiene as soon as the first primary tooth pops out. Bacteria from untreated cavities in a tooth can spread to other teeth, especially to the permanent ones. Once this happens, your child’s dental condition may be compromised. When they first start caring for their teeth, they are gifted with a clean and fresh canvas–help them take advantage of it.

Thankfully, if your child does find decay or buildup, you can easily prevent spread by bringing them to the dentist to get a composite or amalgam filling treatment.

Fluoride Treatment

Is child at the right age for professional teeth cleanings? If they are, then you’re probably familiar with a fluoride treatment. This treatment is applied after professional teeth cleanings and aims to keep your child’s tooth enamel strong.

Dental Exams

As recommended by the American Dental Association, both adults and children should visit a dentist for regular teeth cleanings and exams every six months, or at least twice a year. Therefore, you should schedule a pediatric dentist appointment within six months of seeing your baby’s first tooth.

Who is the best Pediatric Dentist Mint Hill?

Talk to a Pediatric Dentist in Mint Hill

The pediatric dental examination includes checking the signs of dental erosion, pediatric periodontal disease, gingivitis, early childhood caries, and other dental conditions. If you are looking to prevent these dental conditions, contact Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry today!

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