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Teaching your Child How to Floss

While it’s essential for you to floss, it is equally important for your child to floss as well. The earlier you teach your kid to floss, the better it is for their dental health. Teaching them how to floss, even with childrens braces in Charlotte, is not that difficult when your child knows the proper steps. With these simple guides, they will learn how to floss on their own in no time.

Where to get Childrens Braces Charlotte?

How to Floss: Step-by-Step Gude

Step 1 – Brush and Choose the Right Dental Floss

Before teaching your children how to floss, giving them time to get the hang of brushing is important. Make sure they develop the habit of brushing their teeth for at least 2 minutes. When their teeth are brushed and rinsed thoroughly, there will be less plaque or bacteria buildup, allowing your kids to easily floss in between their teeth.

There are numerous types of floss available in the market that’ll entice your kids to use it every day. These flosses are available in bright, fun colors and some are even bubblegum or candy-flavored. Allow them to choose which ones they like! By doing so, your kids will more likely want to floss every day.

Step 2 – “C” Shape is the Key to Proper Flossing

Once your child is interested in flossing, teach them the “C” shape movement. As you already know, the up and down motion will not remove all the plaque in between your teeth. Therefore, it’s important to teach your child this effective plaque removal technique.

Step 3 – Rinse with a Child-Safe Mouthwash

When your child is done flossing, teach them to rinse with a child-safe mouthwash. Although you can tell them to not swallow the mouthwash, you can never guarantee that they won’t. Therefore, it’s best to purchase child-safe mouthwash just to be sure.

Though your children may still need orthodontic treatment when they get older, following these steps will ensure their treatment is quick and worry-free.

Where to get Childrens Braces Charlotte?

Are You Looking into Childrens Braces in Charlotte?

If it is your kid’s first time getting braces, bear in mind that close supervision is necessary. Teaching them the proper techniques to brush and floss with braces should be your priority upon arriving home. To know the proper techniques, contact Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry!

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