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5 Different Types of Braces for Kids

As your kid grows up, their baby teeth will fall off, and new teeth will emerge. This is when you’ll notice that the alignment changes, and your kid’s teeth resemble bunny teeth. By this time, you should have already set an appointment with a dentist to get a kid’s braces in Waxhaw.

A good set of aligned teeth can offer several advantages to your kid’s dental health. Aside from boosting his confidence, it’ll be easier for him to clean his teeth. Below are the different types of braces your kid can choose from.

Where can I get Kids Braces Waxhaw?

What Type of Braces Can your Kid Wear?

Traditional Braces

Ever since braces came into existence, traditional braces have been the number one go-to braces. These braces are designed with titanium or stainless steel materials and require fixing metal brackets and wires on your kid’s teeth.

Although this type may be cost-effective and fulfills its purpose, there are various limitations. For instance, your kid has to stop eating his favorite bag of chips or chewing a piece of gum. Because there are brackets, chewy and crunchy foods can easily get stuck between the brackets.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces provide more or less the same effect as traditional braces. The only difference is that the metal brackets are placed on the opposite side of the teeth. In short, it is placed at the back of the teeth. Hence, lingual braces are completely hidden from the casual observer.

Clear Braces

This type of braces has acrylic trays that are intended to go over your teeth to apply pressure. It is ideal for older kids because it needs more care compared to other options. The best part about this type is that it offers a clear appearance to the teeth. When wearing clear braces, it is as if your kid has no braces at all!

Self-Ligating Braces

Self-ligating braces are made up of a metal clip that locks the wire into place on top of the bracket. These are easier to clean, more comfortable, and require less frequent adjustment.

Where can I get Kids Braces Waxhaw?

Hear More About Kid’s Braces in Waxhaw

Because of several dentistry breakthroughs, experts have created and designed several braces that will suit every patient’s needs. Schedule an appointment with Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry if you want to know more about your kid’s options.

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