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Oral Thrush in Kids

Wondering what those whitish-yellow bumps around your kid’s mouth are? Schedule an appointment with a professional on pediatric dentistry in Mint Hill because your kid may be suffering from oral thrush.

It is a common condition seen in kids and is usually harmless but may sometimes indicate an underlying dental concern. Below are the symptoms and causes you need to know about when it comes to oral thrush.

Who is the best Pediatric Dentistry Mint Hill?

Common Symptoms and Causes of Oral Thrush


Normally, oral thrush comes in yellow or white patches on the inner lining of your kid’s cheek or tongue. These patches cannot be easily wiped out. If you try to scrape it, even in the slightest way, it may bleed. Although it is often painless, some kids may lose their appetite or feel soreness in the affected area. Other symptoms include:

  • Pain on swallowing food and beverage
  • Fever
  • Bad Breath
  • Cracked and dry skin at the corners of the mouth


Oral thrush in kids may be due to decreased number of good bacteria found in his mouth. This may be caused by excessive intake of medications such as immune suppressant drugs, corticosteroids, and antibiotics.

Another cause is poor dental hygiene. Kids who don’t practice good dental hygiene are at risk of developing oral thrush. Likewise, the use of inadequately cleaned breast pump tubing and bottle pacifiers may also lead to the development of fungus that will, later on, develop in oral thrush. Other causes include:

  • Diseases such as leukemia and HIV may lead to suppression of your kid’s natural immunity, where oral thrush may arise as an opportunistic infection.
  • Yeast infection in the mother may be transmitted to the child, causing the development of oral thrush.
  • Mere kissing an adult or another kid with oral thrush can lead to your kid developing such a condition as well.

Who is the best Pediatric Dentistry Mint Hill?

Talk to our Pediatric Dentistry Professionals in Mint Hill

Oropharyngeal candidiasis is the medical term for oral thrush. It mostly occurs in infants but may also be experienced by adults. If you think your kid has oral thrush, contact Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry to ensure that your kid will not experience any underlying dental concern.

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