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How Pediatric Dentists Deal with Excessive Drooling

It’s not unusual for babies to drool, especially when they are on the road to dental development. However, do you know when drooling is normal and when is it time to be concerned? According to experts on pediatric dentistry in Waxhaw, here is a simple and helpful guide to determine if the drooling is natural or a health risk sign.

Who is the best Pediatric Dentistry Waxhaw?

When Drooling Demands a Pediatric Dentist

Importance of Saliva

Before you learn how to determine when drooling is normal or when it poses a health risk, it’s essential that you know the importance of saliva. Principally, drooling provides the body with a lot of benefits. As a matter of fact, it performs several major functions, such as protecting a baby’s oral health and comfort. Since saliva consists of digestive enzymes, it can convert starch into sugar to balance the stomach’s acid and promote proper digestion.

How Drooling Helps

As opined by numerous pediatric dentist experts, drooling can help your kid in the following ways:

  • Keep his mouth comfortably moist and clean
  • Protect baby teeth from decay and cavities
  • Wash away bacteria and stubborn food particles
  • Allow your baby to swallow food with ease
  • Soften and moisten food for easy digestion

Who is the best Pediatric Dentistry Waxhaw?

When it’s Time to Visit an Expert on Pediatric Dentistry in Waxhaw

If you have acquired a pediatric dentist’s services, he will probably tell you that drooling will get a bit excessive and noticeable when your baby reaches 3 to 6 months. The reason for excessive drooling is that your baby is about to start teething. The increase in saliva production is often a sign that a new tooth is about to erupt. As a result, your baby’s gums will become tender, and saliva is the natural means of the body to soothe them.

Nevertheless, drooling may indicate a health hazard if your baby looks ill and starts to drool suddenly. Once you encounter this situation, you need to get immediate dental attention. Make an appointment with Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry to ensure that your kid does not develop any dental problems during his stage of oral development.

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