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What is Accelerated Orthodontics?

For kids and teenagers who wear braces, the first question that pops out of their head is, “how long will they need to wear braces?” There is an emerging dental technique known as accelerated orthodontics when it comes to kid’s braces in Mint Hill. The primary goal is to cut short the time needed in wearing braces. Studies show that this treatment can decrease the span of orthodontic treatment between 3 and 8 months.

Where can I get Kids Braces Mint Hill?

Important Things to Know About Accelerated Orthodontics

Never Try it Unsupervised

Since this method became popular, a lot of patients try it unsupervised. The most common unsupervised accelerated orthodontic method tried by kids and teenagers is wearing additional rubber bands on their braces. Instead of speeding up the process, putting additional rubber bands can actually slow down the treatment. Aside from slowing it down, this unsupervised method can damage the teeth since too much pressure can result in improper positioning of the teeth.

Tooth Movement is Affected by Various Factors

To perform accelerated orthodontics, your dentist must be knowledgeable and experienced to handle the different tooth movement factors. These factors include the type of malocclusion, type of treatment, genetics, and environmental possibilities. Generally, the expected time to achieve a healthy bite and straight teeth is 18 months to 2 years. To cut this short, your dentist has to guarantee that the tooth movement factors will not hinder the process.

Where can I get Kids Braces Mint Hill?

Ways to Accelerate Treatment of Kid’s Braces in Mint Hill

Whether you opted for traditional or accelerated orthodontics, there are numerous ways to shorten the treatment. The first thing your kid needs to do if he wants to accelerate the treatment process is always to follow good dental hygiene. Dental problems can slow down the process because the dentist will have to remove the braces before performing any preventive or restorative treatment.

Additionally, following regular check-ups will speed up the process. Always remember that the more check-ups you miss, the longer the treatment will be. Schedule your orthodontics appointment today at Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry!

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