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Best Type of Braces for your Kid

Traditional metal braces are a perfect fit for several kids, but new alternatives like clear aligners and ceramic braces in Steele Creek give the former some healthy competition. For many patients, achieving a healthy, beautiful, and straight smile comes down to the level of maintenance, appearance, and cost. Where can I get Braces Steele Creek?

Advantages of Clear Aligners, Ceramic, and Traditional Braces

Clear Aligners

Removable clear aligners are the perfect alternative to braces. It offers every kid a less noticeable and more flexible orthodontic treatment. These aligners allow dentists to think of a customized plan to straighten your kid’s teeth gradually. Do note that your kid has to wear this at least 20 hours each day to be effective. The best thing about this orthodontic treatment is that it can be removed while cleaning or eating. Hence, your kid won’t have a hard time chewing on his food and maintaining good dental hygiene.

Ceramic Braces

Similar to traditional metal braces, ceramic braces are less noticeable. This is because the archwire and bracket system of this type of orthodontic treatment is made of tooth-colored or clear ceramic material. If your kid is concerned about his teeth every time he smiles but dislikes how metal braces look, this treatment is perfect for him. Aside from being less noticeable, ceramic braces are also strong and durable.

Traditional Metal Braces

These metal braces have a modular design and are made of high-quality stainless steel with a soft-plastic or rubber holder on top to secure the wire into its position. Furthermore, it allows the attachment of dental rubber bands that come in various colors. Since conventional braces, dental experts have come up with better solutions to address some of the patient’s concerns. For instance, the materials used to make archwires have changed, and individual brackets’ size has considerably decreased. The best thing about traditional or conventional metal braces is that it has the ability to withstand pressure.

Where can I get Braces Steele Creek?

Get Durable Metal Braces in Steele Creek

If you want to avail any of the types of braces mentioned above, contact Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry today!

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