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Dental Space Maintainers for Kids

Dental space maintainers are designed to provide tension for holding the space created after your child just had their tooth extracted. Pediatric dentists customize these space maintainers to perfectly fit your kid’s teeth, avoiding any pain or discomfort. When associated with children’s braces in Steele Creek, this dental appliance will not move the teeth, nor will it prevent your child from having braces in the future.

where can you get childrens braces in steele creek?

Care Instructions for Dental Space Maintainers

Choose the Food Your Kids Eat

Space maintainers are effective in holding teeth from moving into the empty space. However, your kid still has to follow some simple care instructions to guarantee the full effectiveness of the treatment.

The first thing they need to learn is to not disturb the space maintainers. The feeling of discomfort during the first few days is normal and it will only take two to three days for your kid to get used to the appliance. During this time, make sure that they will not disturb the placement of the space maintainers.

Always remind your child to stay away from eating gooey or sticky foods such as caramel, taffy, and bubble gum.

Dental Visits and Good Oral Hygiene

Your kid’s dental space maintainers are securely cemented in place. In the event that it comes out or comes loose, save the spacer, store it in a clean container, and call your pediatric dentist.

Additionally, the importance of good oral hygiene cannot be overemphasized. Whatever dental treatment your kid will undergo, it is imperative they keep good dental hygiene.

where can you get childrens braces in steele creek?

First-Rate Space Maintainers and Children’s Braces in Steele Creek

At Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry, we make sure to provide your child with only the finest dental appliances and treatments. Book an appointment today to inquire about our dental services!

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