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Tooth Enamel Problems

There are three main problems concerning tooth enamel that can be treated by a childrens dentist in Waxhaw – enamel hypoplasia, hypomineralization, and erosion. Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in your mouth, but even the toughest substances have vulnerabilities. Below are the facts on different tooth enamel problems.

where can i find a childrens dentist in waxhaw?

Dental Problems Concerning Tooth Enamel

Enamel Erosion

This is the most common and simplest tooth enamel problem found in both adults and children. Although you may not be familiar with the term, you are likely familiar with the primary causes behind this dental problem. Causes of enamel erosion are poor dental habits, sugary or starchy snacks, and highly acidic foods and beverages. It may also be hereditary.

Enamel Hypomineralization

As for this tooth enamel problem, it often takes place when developing teeth cannot effectively absorb the essential minerals it needs, resulting in a weak enamel coating. Although it may be relatively rare for your kid to develop enamel hypomineralization, it’s never a bad thing to be prepared by seeing a dentist.

Enamel Hypoplasia

The development of enamel is highly sensitive, and any conflict or instability that occurs during the tooth formation can lead to enamel hypoplasia. Several risk factors have been linked to this dental defect, including trauma to primary teeth, nutritional deficiency, frequent or chronic illness, birth difficulties, premature birth, and diet deficiency or illnesses during pregnancy.

where can i find a childrens dentist in waxhaw?

A Piece of Advice from a Childrens Dentist in Waxhaw

The best way to prevent enamel problems is to help your kid develop good dental routines such as keeping up with regular dental visits, limiting starchy and sugary foods and beverages, and brushing their teeth at least twice a day. If you have any inquiries about your kid’s enamel or you’re worried about cavity development, talk to our experts at Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry.

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