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Oral Thrush in Kids

The fungal infection in your kid’s mouth may be oral thrush. This dental condition is very common before children reach their first year. According to a pediatric dentist in Waxhaw, most kids have oral thrush without even experiencing any symptoms. However, some may still feel uncomfortable because of the spots and patches.

baby pediatric dentist waxhaw

What Are the Symptoms and Treatments of Oral Thrush?


If your kid has this condition, you may notice white patches or spots on the tongue, lips, or inside of the cheeks. Always remember not to wipe away these patches because they won’t do you any good. It will only leave the affected area red, inflamed, or swollen.

If your child feels discomfort, contact your dentist so they can prescribe medications that can alleviate signs of irritation.

Aside from white patches and spots, your kid may also drool because of the irritation caused by the fungal infection. There may also be instances when they won’t feel like eating.


Once you have contacted your dentist, they will check the condition of their mouth. If the situation seems alarming, the dentist can prescribe an oral gel or antifungal drops to avoid the spread of oral thrush.

baby pediatric dentist waxhaw

When to See a Pediatric Dentist in Waxhaw

If your kid has oral thrush, you should take them to a pediatric dentist if you notice white patches or spots inside the mouth. Likewise, services of a pediatric dentist are required when your child has a fever or feels unwell because of the irritation and swelling.

With years of education and expertise, your child’s dental health will always be in good hands at Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry. When you notice any discomfort, pain, or irregularity in your kid’s behavior due to dental concerns, schedule an appointment with our dentists today!

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