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What to Do When a Kid with Braces Hates to Brush

Telling teenagers or grown-ups to regularly brush their teeth can sometimes require a constant reminder to make this a habit. However, it is even more challenging to tell kids with braces to brush and floss their teeth. Although it may take up a lot of your time watching and persuading your kids to brush, disregarding this responsibility is never an option if you want your kid’s braces in Waxhaw free from bacteria.

cleaning kids braces waxhaw

Ways to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Make Them Your Shopping Assistant

Remember that time when you were still a kid and you get excited to use your newly-bought things? If your kids choose their toothpaste and toothbrush, then it can inspire them to brush their teeth regularly. Allow them to pick out their toothbrushes with their favorite cartoon hero or character and they will be excited to use them.

Be Their “Dental Santa”

Brushing and flossing can be easy to ignore. It’ll be easier if there is a special treat waiting after your kids comply with their dental routine by the end of the week. When rewarding good dental deeds, make sure not to reward them with sugary and highly acidic foods like candies and sodas. Give them something that will not compromise their dental or overall health.

Be the Mirror

Kids learn fast when they imitate someone. If you want to see your kids practicing good dental hygiene, try brushing and flossing together. While you brush, it is also important that you make it look fun so your kid will be interested.

getting kids braces waxhaw

Tips on How to Maintain Kid’s Braces in Waxhaw

If you want to know how to effectively persuade your kids to follow their daily oral routine, book an appointment with Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry.

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