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Traditional Metal Braces Versus Lingual Braces

Frequently used orthodontic treatments include ceramic braces, metal braces, and clear aligners. However, not as many people know that there are also lingual braces. This type of kid’s braces in Steele Creek is often known as invisible braces due to its positioning. Your dentist will attach the braces to the tongue-facing side of the teeth. With lingual braces, it’s almost as if your kid doesn’t have their braces on!

However, how will you know if lingual braces or traditional metal braces are right for your kid? Here’s a comparison of the two types of orthodontic treatments to help you decide.

kids braces steele creek

What’s the Difference Between Traditional Metal Braces and Lingual Braces?

Traditional Metal Braces

These metal braces have a modular design and are made of high-quality stainless steel with a rubber holder on top to secure the wire into its position. It stays permanently attached to your teeth until the treatment is over. Adjustments will be made around once a month by replacing the plastic or rubber holders.

Lingual Braces

Unlike traditional metal braces, lingual braces can straighten complicated crooked teeth without as much discomfort. This type can hide the staining and discoloration that may occur on your kid’s teeth because it is placed behind them.

As for its disadvantages, lingual braces are harder to clean since the wires and brackets are found at the back of the teeth. Adjustments may also take longer and they may give your kid a temporary lisp.

kids braces steele creek

Looking for Kid’s Braces in Steele Creek?

If you need any help deciding between lingual and traditional braces, please contact Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry through this link!

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