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How to Care for Your Kid’s Teeth

Taking your kid to a pediatric dentist in 28227 is a great way to start them out with great oral hygiene. Your pediatric dentist will determine when your kid is ready for certain treatments to make sure that their teeth will stay clean and healthy. Below are tips on how you can best protect your little one’s teeth.

brushing pediatric dentist 28227

Ways to Protect Your Child’s Teeth

Treatments Offered

Every pediatric dentist offers comprehensive dental health care that includes care for dental injuries such as knocked-out, displaced, or fractured teeth. They also manage the conditions of pediatric periodontal disease.

Persistent bad breath could be a sign of a serious oral problem such as gum disease that requires the help of a pediatric dentist. This type of issue needs to be treated promptly. Noticing any of these signs in your kid’s teeth calls for a trip down to the dentist’s office.

Watch What Your Child Eats

Candy, cookies, and certain drinks such as soda and fruit juices contain high amounts of sugar or acid that can eventually weaken tooth enamel. Once the enamel is damaged, tooth sensitivity and yellow teeth can soon follow.

Good Oral Hygiene

Even before your kid’s teeth erupt, you can use a soft and damp washcloth to clean the gums after each feeding. As soon as the first tooth appears, begin brushing twice a day using an infant toothbrush and fluoridated toothpaste.

Avoid Thumb Sucking

Helping a kid overcome their thumb-sucking habit is a challenge for both dentists and parents. This habit needs to be prevented to avoid speech impediments, skin problems, and overbite.

brushing pediatric dentist 28227

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