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3 Tips to Prepare Your Kids for Braces  

If your kids are about to start orthodontics treatment, they’ll most likely have many questions. What are braces? Will they hurt when I eat? What will their friends say if they have braces? You and your kids need to go through the treatment journey calmly and confidently. Your kids may tend to feel scared of new things, so it’s your role to make them at ease. Here are tips to prepare your kids for braces in Waxhaw.  

young girl with kids braces in Waxhaw

How to Prepare Your Kids for Braces

Establish Basic Expectations

Your kids haven’t probably spent a long time on the dental chair before this. It would help to let them know that getting braces would take more time than having their teeth cleaned. You can also tell them that the procedure will cause some discomfort but will be worth it.   

Emphasize the Positives

If you feel that your kids have second thoughts of getting braces after you set the right expectations, then divert their focus on the positives. Make them more aware of why they need to get braces. Make them realize how beautiful their smiles could get if their crooked teeth are corrected.   

Sometimes, a slight shift in perspectives does the trick.  

Make Them Feel Valued

Keeping your kids in the loop in the entire process makes them feel valued. Your kids have the softest hearts, and allowing them to make even the most minor decision for their orthodontics treatment helps a lot. You can ask them what they want to know about the treatment.   

Letting your kids choose the color of their braces makes them feel involved.  

smiling young girl with kids braces in Waxhaw

Are Your Children Ready for Kids’ Braces in Waxhaw?

Making your children comfortable and at ease, while getting proper dental care is one of our goals here at Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry. Our friendly staff is fully capable of handling various dental cases, and you can rest assured that your kids will have better smiles. Should you want to learn more, please leave us a message.   

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