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Helpful Tips for Parents Whose Kids Have Braces

Getting braces is usually part of growing up for a lot of children. Unfortunately, getting braces is not something that most kids look forward to as they know it’ll have a massive effect on their eating habits and appearance. Your kids may also struggle with social anxiety as they worry about what others would say about their braces. To make parenting more manageable for you, here are tips on how you can deal with the dilemma of children’s braces in Charlotte.  

boy with Children's Braces Charlotte

3 Tips to Help Your Kids Deal with Braces

Stock More Soft Food

In the first few days or weeks of their braces, your kids’ will feel discomfort eating. Since their mouth is still adjusting to the feel of their mounts, it might still be hard for them to eat and chew properly. It would help if you’d stock on soft snacks that they can easily munch.   

Help them understand the food restrictions they’ll need to abide by after getting their braces.  

Make Them Brush Their Teeth Every After Meal

After getting their braces, your kids might think they no longer have to do anything to keep their teeth healthy. It would help if you instilled in their minds that their teeth should still be kept clean, even with braces. Teach them the efficient ways to brush and floss their teeth in between their wires.  

Remind them to follow a strict dental hygiene routine at home.  

Go with Them to the Dentist

There’s no excuse to skip a dentist’s appointment – not even braces. Make your kids aware that their braces will need to be adjusted from time to time, thus more dental visits. Going with them to their orthodontic appointment also allows you to ask questions you may have about your kids’ braces.  

close up photo of children's braces in Charlotte

Do You Have Questions About Children’s Braces in Charlotte?

Whatever questions you have about your kids’ braces, Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry has answers. Our team of skilled dental professionals is dedicated to making dental care comfortable for children, as well as their parents. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions! 

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