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What Do I Do If My Kids Refuse to Get Braces?  

If your kids have overbite or crooked teeth, the first thing you’ll need to do is bring them to your trusted dentist. Most likely, the dentist will recommend orthodontic treatment like braces to correct your children’s teeth. But what if your kids refuse to have braces in Waxhaw?  

mother talks to her daughter about getting braces in Waxhaw

Tips to Convince Your Kids to Get Braces

Ask Questions

If you want to help your kids achieve a beautiful smile, you don’t just agree with their decision about not having braces. But to convince them, you also need to understand their reasons. Through it, you make them feel valued, letting them know that their feelings are valid.   

Infuse Positivity

One of the main reasons why your children might refuse to have braces is their appearance. They might think that they’d look ridiculous with braces and that other people will laugh at them. Another thing is if they have dental fears, like being scared that the braces are going to hurt.  

You need to focus on the positive effects of braces and all the great things they’ll enjoy in the future if they agree to have braces now.  

Prepare Your Kids Holistically

 What you can do is explain the procedure to them. Allowing them to eat their favorite food before the placement might also do the trick of lifting their spirits.  

child getting dental braces in Waxhaw

Do You Need Help Convincing Your Kids to Get Braces in Waxhaw?

Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry understands the trepidation of getting braces. But there’s nothing to worry about, for our dental professionals are also equipped with the best and comforting communication skills. Should you want to know how we can help you, please leave us a message.   

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