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3 Things to Say to Your Kids After They Get Their Braces  

Kids may have different perspectives when it comes to their braces. Some may find them cool, but others may not like them. When it comes to your children, you should know how to deal with their emotions after getting children’s braces in Mint Hill. Here are common affirmations you can say to your kids to alleviate their post-braces worries.  

girl smiling with children's braces in Mint Hill

How to Help Your Kids Cope with Braces

“Pain is Temporary”

It’ll hurt days after the treatment, but you need to let your kids understand that the pain isn’t permanent. Let them know that the pain will be there for a few days and that it’s okay. The pain could be coming from the teeth and sometimes from their gums.   

To diminish the sore pain, you can give them pain medications recommended by the dentist. 

“You Sound Just the Same”

Another thing that comes side by side in getting braces is a speech impediment. Your kids could experience some challenges in pronouncing certain letters until they get used to their braces.   

One thing to do is encourage them to read aloud to practice talking with their braces on.  

“Your Smile Will Be Better”

If not well explained, your younger kids might think that getting them braces is a punishment for not properly brushing their teeth. It would help to let them know that they need their braces now to have a beautiful smile as they grow older.  

Always remind them to keep their eyes on the prize.  

dentist explaining to patient and mother children's braces in Mint Hill

Do You Have Questions About Children’s Braces in Mint Hill?

When it’s about your children’s dental health, all your questions are valid here at Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry. We are always eager to help you clear out any confusions you have in keeping your kids’ teeth healthy. Contact us to learn more. 

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