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2 Signs That Your Kids Need to See a Periodontist

Having kids is never easy, especially when it comes to ensuring they get proper care and attention. Their natural enthusiasm helps them learn a lot, and with these come possible changes and growth. Your kids will need various things growing up, and one of them is a reliable kids’ dentist in Charlotte, to take care of their dental health.  

Depending on your kids’ dental issues, there could be instances when you’ll need to bring them to a dentist specializing in a particular area of dentistry, like periodontics. But when should you take your kids to a periodontist?  

cute kid brushing her teeth as suggested by kids' dentist in Charlotte

Reasons to Bring Your Kids to a Periodontist

Bad Breath

Some kids love to eat almost anything. It’s why you need to make them understand when and how they should brush their teeth. However, there can be instances when their bad breath persists even after brushing their teeth. It could already be a sign of halitosis, which is often caused by gingivitis, periodontitis, or an indication of gum tissue infection.  

Bleeding Gums

Unexplained gum bleeding while eating or drinking is often a sign of a periodontal infection. If you notice that their gums bleed even when consuming soft food, then you should take them to an expert. 

If you don’t want to risk your kids’ health, bringing them to a periodontist is the best decision.  

kids' dentist in Charlotte treating a young girl

Are You in Need of a Kids’ Dentist in Charlotte?

Your kids’ dental health is delicate, so it needs to be taken care of gently. Here at Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry, we make it a point to give your children the most comfortable dental care. Please leave us a message to make an appointment. 

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