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Common Causes of Crooked Teeth in Children

If you are calling a dentist to get your kids’ braces in Charlotte, then you may have noticed your kids’ crooked teeth. As parents, all you’ll want to do is anything to keep your kids’ dental health in good shape, including getting orthodontic treatment at an early age.   

Braces are great in correcting your kids’ smiles, but do you know why your children’s teeth are crooked? It’s time to discover more about your children’s teeth condition.   

kid needing braces in Charlotte because of crooked teeth

2 Reasons Why Your Kids Have Crooked Teeth

Thumb Sucking

Finger or thumb sucking is expected behavior in babies and toddlers. It often soothes them, but thumb sucking beyond a certain age leads to serious dental problems.   

If your kids are beyond five years old and are still sucking on their thumb, they’ll be prone to extensive orthodontic intervention later. Some orthodontic issues may include protruding upper front teeth, open bite, crossbite, and depressed incisors.   

What to do:

Positive reinforcement is a great alternative to convince your children not to thumb suck. Have an open conversation with your kids about the consequences they’ll have in the future if they don’t stop sucking their thumb while they’re young.  

Poor Dental Hygiene

It’s essential to have your kids follow strict oral hygiene while they’re young. Neglecting their oral health will only cause you more trouble in the future. You should know that poor oral hygiene increases the risk of gingivitis, resulting in severe gum disease. It affects your children’s teeth growth and could lead to crooked teeth.   

What to do:

It’s best to encourage your kids to brush and floss their teeth at least twice daily. Guide them through the process until they get the hang of it. Bringing them to the dentist regularly should also be part of their oral hygiene routine.  

kid with braces in Charlotte

Are Your Kids Getting Braces in Charlotte?

Correcting your kids’ teeth at an early age is one of the most significant decisions you can make as a parent. Here at Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry, we share the same parental love and concern, providing your kids with the proper dental care they need. Should you want to learn more or are ready to make an appointment, please don’t hesitate to leave us a message. 

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