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What Happens If Your Kids Don’t Brush Their Teeth?

Brushing teeth is one of the first oral hygiene routines that you teach your kids at home. There is a myriad of ways to encourage them to brush their teeth, like making them choose their toothbrush or giving them rewards. However, apart from brushing their teeth daily, they’ll also need regular kids’ dental cleaning in Charlotte to keep cavities away.   

But what happens if your kids don’t find tooth brushing exciting and necessary?   

Cartoon of hurt teeth needing kids dental cleaning Charlotte

Consequences of Not Brushing Teeth

Tooth Loss

Though it’s normal for kids to lose their baby teeth at the right time, not following a strict oral hygiene routine leads them to lose more of their teeth. When this happens, you should expect more dental appointments to have their teeth fixed.  

No matter how standard this instance is, contacting your kids’ dentist should still be on your top priority list.  

Bad Breath

One of the most apparent indications of poor oral hygiene is bad breath. Bacteria builds up in your children’s mouths if they let it sit there without brushing. Brushing their teeth helps remove food particles. Not brushing their teeth creates plaque-causing bad breath.  

Row of smiling children after kids dental cleaning Charlotte

Looking for a Kids Dental Cleaning in Charlotte?

If your kids’ dental health is essential to you, you should bring them to a reliable dentist to keep their oral health in good shape. Our team at Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry is adept at dealing with various children’s dental issues and treatment. We commit to giving your kids our full attention while they’re under our care. Should you want to learn more about our dental care services, please let us know.   

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