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Things You Didn’t Know Are Damaging Your Kids’ Teeth

Taking care of your children’s teeth is as vital as taking care of their general health. It’s your role as a parent to make them understand how important their dental health is. Apart from teaching them how to brush their teeth regularly and frequently visiting a kid’s dentist in Mint Hill, you also should know what things should be avoided to keep their teeth in good shape.   

Parenting isn’t easy, so here is some helpful information that could help you maintain your kids’ dental health.   

Cartoon of three happy healthy teeth being cleaned next to one embarrassed yellow tooth at kids dentist Mint HillTop 3 Things Damaging Your Children’s Teeth

Bedtime Bottles

It’s never too early to protect your children’s teeth. Giving a bedtime bottle of juice, formula, or milk leads new teeth to a path of decay without brushing. If they have something other than water, it’s important to brush! 

Cough Drops

Though cough drops are sold in the medicine aisle, it doesn’t mean that they’re healthy. Most of these are loaded with a lot of sugar. If you let your kids consume cough drops, make sure that they brush their teeth after. The bacteria in their mouth can convert sugar into an acid that eats away their teeth’s enamel.   

Fruit Juice

Apart from the antioxidants and vitamins your kids can get in their fruit juices, they also get a fair share of sugar. Some fruit juices even have as much sugar as soda! 

Fruits are naturally sweet, so look for juices that have no artificial or added sugar. Diluting the juice with some water to reduce the sugar content is also a good idea. 

Cute toddler girl drinking from a juice box that needs a kids dentist in Mint HillDo You Need to Consult a Kid’s Dentist in Mint Hill?

Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry will be your best partner when ensuring your children’s dental health. We offer high-quality children’s dental care services. You can call us for an appointment today!  

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