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Things to Avoid for Your Kids’ New Braces

Depending on how prepared your children are for their braces in Mint Hill, their perceptions vary. Some may feel that their braces are only for appearance, but those fully educated with the correct information will understand that their braces can have positive effects on their health. 

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to help your kids maintain their braces, and apart from knowing what should be done, you also should know what things are to be avoided.  

young girl's open mouth having braces examined in Mint Hill3 Common Braces Mistakes to Avoid

Eating Food They Can’t Have

It’s inevitable to feel pain and discomfort while eating a few days after getting braces. They’ll still need their daily vitamin intake, but remember that particular foods should be avoided in the meantime. Please encourage them to eat soft food instead of letting them munch on their favorite crunch bar.   

You can even ask your children’s dentist for a list of the best food for new braces 

Poor Oral Hygiene

After getting their braces, you’ll need to make them understand how oral hygiene gets more crucial. There will be part of their teeth that regular toothbrushes and floss can’t reach. Train them to brush their teeth properly so that they won’t miss any spots. 

Asking your kids’ dentist about toothbrush recommendations can help you save your children’s teeth.  

No Longer Visiting the Dentist

After they have their braces fitted, the more they’ll need to go to their dentist. You should expect to visit the dentist more frequently for periodic adjustments and tightening. These dental visits will also give the dentist a chance to gauge if the orthodontic treatment is working or not.   

Teenaged girl wearing braces smiling with dental professionals behind her in Mint HillDo You Have Questions About Your Children’s Braces in Mint Hill?

All your questions about your kids’ braces are valid to Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry. We have a team of knowledgeable dental professionals eager to answer your queries. Should you have questions, please leave us a message. 

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