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3 Natural Teeth Conditions in Kids that Parents Should Know

Your kids go through a lot of phases while growing up. It’s also normal for you to get excited to witness every milestone, like their first steps and even their first tooth. You also need to know about their dental health. It’s best to start teeth and gum care while they’re young. Visiting a trusted pediatric dentist in Waxhaw is also a crucial part of your kids’ dental health routine.  

There are several dental issues and stages that you’ll encounter, and understanding each of them makes your parenting more manageable.  

Pediatric Dentist Waxhaw explaining to patient how to properly brush teeth

What are Common Teeth Conditions You Should Know?

Crooked Teeth

More often than not, the alignment of your kids’ teeth is a product of your genetics. Some environmental factors might affect their teeth’s alignment, as well. Thumb sucking or lip sucking make it to the top of the list. These habits can cause crowding and shifting, which dental braces can solve.   

Yellow Teeth

You could be alarmed about how your children’s baby teeth are whiter than their normal teeth. You should know that in most cases, your children’s yellowish permanent teeth are perfectly normal.   

However, it would help if you were reminded that yellow teeth could also result from poor oral hygiene. Ensure that your kids brush their teeth properly.  

Pediatric Dentist Waxhaw checking young boy's teeth

Have You Brought Your Kids to a Pediatric Dentist in Waxhaw?

Your kids must get regular dental checkups from a reliable pediatric dentist. With Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry, you’re assured that your kids get proper dental care. Should you have questions about your children’s dental health, please don’t hesitate to ask.   

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