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3 Side Effects of Thumb Sucking to Your Kids’ Teeth

Your kids may tend to suck their teeth due to many reasons. It could be that sucking their thumb gives them calmness, or it makes them relaxed. Often, parents rely on pacifiers and teething toys to alleviate their kids’ thumb-sucking habits. Thumb sucking may have different effects on your children’s teeth, and visiting a children’s dentist in Steele Creek can help you ensure your kids’ teeth stay in good shape. But do you know how thumb-sucking affects your children’s teeth?  

Children's Dentist Steele Creek performs oral exam on child

Alarming Effects of Thumb Sucking


Overbite occurs when the teeth become directed outward, like an open bite malocclusion. This teeth misalignment often happens in the upper front teeth. You’ll know it’s an overbite if your kids’ top teeth are covering the bottom teeth when they close their mouth.   

Speech Impediment

Since thumb sucking affects your kids’ teeth and jaw growth, it also results in lisping and other speech difficulties. Your kids may find it difficult to pronounce certain sounds. 

Speech impediments may make it hard for your kids to communicate effectively. Remember that without proper oral care, even high-quality speech therapy may not be able to correct your kids’ speech difficulty fully.  

Social Issues

Thumb sucking habits don’t only harm your children’s dental health – they can also lead to social issues. Children who suck their thumb for too long can, unfortunately, be the target of ridicule. Your kids may need help from a dentist or a pediatrician to get rid of this habit.  

Children's Dentist Steele Creek checking little boy's teeth

Are You Looking Forward to Visiting a Children’s Dentist in Steele Creek?

Bringing your kids to the dentist is one of the best ways to prevent adverse side effects of their thumb-sucking habits. Here at Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry, we focus on giving your kids the proper dental care they need. If you have questions about our processes, please send us a message.   

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