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Are Braces Safe for Kids? 

As a parent, you only want what’s best for your children; that’s why it’s no surprise that some parents are skeptical about the safety of braces for their kids. While braces in Charlotte are relatively safe for children, they could still cause some pain and minor inconveniences. If you want to learn more about braces for kids, here are some facts that might help you decide.

a smiling young girl with Braces in Charlotte 

Ultimate Guide to Braces for Kids

Why Do Kids Need Braces?

Braces aren’t only for vanity or crooked teeth. They also benefit certain types of oral health problems such as teeth grinding and disproportionate jaws. For kids, braces are needed when there is a clear sign of crowded or crooked teeth formation. Having braces can prevent and restore dental problems at an early age.

Do Braces Hurt?

While pain can be subjective depending on the patient’s pain tolerance, mild pain and discomfort can be felt after the dentist installs the braces. For children, it will take a few weeks for them to adjust to the feeling of having braces.

How Long do Braces They Have to Wear Them?

While it’s impossible to predict the exact date how long braces will need to stay on, dentists can still give you an estimated timeline. The average time will depend on the quality of their teeth.

a dentist adjusting a young boy's braces in Charlotte 

Do You Have More Questions About Braces in Charlotte?

If you have more questions about braces for your kids that you need to clear up, you can count on our reliable dentists to answer your questions. You can visit our office here at Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry to learn more about our services. Contact our team today!

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