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When Should Kids Get Braces?

Getting braces in Waxhaw as a kid is not that uncommon. Many kids growing up have worn braces up to their teenage years and early adult life. So how do we determine when it’s time for your kids to get braces?   

Much like any other dental-related question, the issue of when your child should get braces is subjective. While some require braces as young as five years old, others are lucky enough not to have braces. To help you determine when the right time is for your kids to get braces, here are some factors you might want to consider.  

girl with Braces in Waxhaw holding a watermelon

How to Tell if Your Kid Needs Braces

Developing Crooked Teeth

One of the primary uses of braces is to correct crooked and misaligned teeth. This is why, when you see that your child is developing crooked teeth, you might want your dentist to have a look. Your child’s pediatric dentist will help you identify whether your child needs braces or not to correct their misaligned teeth.   

Bad Bite

Another benefit of having braces is that they can correct bad bites. Bad bites are caused by having misaligned teeth that cause your child to bite the sides of their tongue or gums. If your child is suffering from bad bites, your child can get braces to correct the alignment of their teeth.   

Teeth Grinding or Clenching

If your child exhibits teeth grinding or clenching when they sleep, you might want to have them checked up by their pediatric dentist. Braces help correct underlying bite problems and alignment issues that cause teeth grinding. While teeth grinding in children can worsen while their mouths adjust to the braces, it will slowly stop once the teeth are aligned.  

beautiful girl wearing Braces in Waxhaw

Are You Interested in Getting Braces in Waxhaw?

Here at Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry, we take pride in the capabilities of our reliable pediatric dentists. Not only do we provide expert care, but we also take the time to educate our patients. If you want to get started on your child’s oral health, call us today to make an appointment.   

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