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Kids Getting Too Much Fluoride

According to a kids’ dentist in Steele Creek, fluoride is an essential nutrient that aids in preventing tooth decay in youngsters. Providing adequate fluoride exposure to children, particularly topical fluoride such as fluoride toothpaste, can significantly reduce cavity risks.

Smiling child at a Kids Dentist in Steele Creek

Are There Any Risks to Fluoride Application?

How Much Fluoride is Too Much?

Fluorosis is a tooth condition caused by too much fluoride in the diet, which can be absorbed into tooth enamel and cause tooth decay. Hence, too much fluoride may cause dental problems. Minor fluorosis causes white spots on the teeth, which can be annoying, but more significant fluorosis causes teeth to turn a dark brown hue, making them more vulnerable to decay.  

CDC Study

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) believes that many children are consuming too much fluoride due to their excessive usage of fluoride toothpaste.  With this, the CDC devised guidelines to ensure that kids receive appropriate, but not excessive, fluoride exposure. 

They recommended that children begin brushing their teeth as soon as they appear, no later than one year. However, your little ones should not start using fluoride toothpaste until they are at least two years old. Children should also use a rice-sized grain, not pea-sized, amount of toothpaste until they are six years old.

Child getting checked by a Kids Dentist in Steele Creek

Recommendations of a Kids’ Dentist in Steele Creek

According to the report, nearly 80% of youngsters began cleaning their teeth too late, with only 20.1 percent beginning brushing before one year old. If you’re not confident about the amount of fluoride, our dentists at Young and Children’s Dentistry can show you how much your kid should use. 

Additionally, when your kids brush and floss, make sure that you’re with them to check if they’re doing it correctly. Dentists can apply fluoride treatments to your kid’s teeth, which can coat and assist in strengthening their enamel. Your children should have a much lower risk of developing cavities if they receive these treatments. Contact us today for more information!

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