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Common Oral Health Problems in Children

As a parent, it’s only natural for you to want what’s best for your kids. When your kids start growing their teeth, it’s your responsibility to know how to prevent cavities and other tooth-related problems from happening. While a children’s dentist in Waxhaw can help treat these oral health problems, preventing them from occurring is always a better option.   

While proper oral hygiene will significantly reduce the chances of developing dental problems, you still need to look out for them nonetheless. This article will help you identify the different oral health problems your child might face while growing up. Here are some dental emergencies that you need to prepare your kids for.  

kid with tooth decay and needs a children's dentist in Waxhaw   

Oral Health Problems in Children

Tooth Decay/Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

One of the most common oral health problems in children and small infants is tooth decay. Tooth decay happens when plaque builds up on the teeth and begins to eat away the enamel of the teeth. For infants, teeth get damaged and fall out because of frequent contact with sugars such as baby formula, fruit juice, and even breast milk.   

Thumb Sucking

While thumb sucking might not be an issue at first, the long-term effects of this habit could affect the growth of your child’s teeth. One of the most common effects of thumb sucking on oral health is misaligned teeth, including bad bites and overbites. Depending on the frequency and intensity of the habit, the teeth can develop abnormally, causing them to misalign.  

Gum Disease

Gum diseases such as gingivitis, bleeding gums, and periodontitis usually occur when your child doesn’t have proper dental hygiene. As plaque and tartar deposits build up on your kid’s teeth, the gums beneath the tooth will get infected and develop different kinds of gum diseases.  

girl sucking her thumb which concerns a children's dentist in Waxhaw  

Are You Looking for a Dependable Children’s Dentist in Waxhaw?

If you need help managing your kid’s oral health, our team can provide you with safe and reliable oral health management specially designed for children. Here at Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry, we offer professional care and comfort when dealing with children of tender years. Contact us today to learn more about children’s dental care! 

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