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What Are the Alternatives to Kid’s Braces?

While braces are the best solution to fix misaligned teeth, not all young patients are thrilled about getting them. Fortunately, you can find plenty of alternatives to kids’ braces in Mint Hill that can improve the alignment of your child’s teeth. Each of these methods works in a slightly different way to help improve your kid’s oral health.  

If your child has mild orthodontic issues, you may correct them with simple dental devices such as spacers. For more severe problems, you may need to consider more invasive treatments. Your kid’s orthodontist can recommend the best option for your child, depending on the severity of their misalignment. 

Illustration of Kids Braces in Mint Hill

Alternatives to Traditional Braces

Clear Aligners

For less severe orthodontic problems, clear aligners, sometimes known by brand names like Invisalign®, are an excellent alternative to permanent braces. They are a discreet alternative to braces because they are removable and virtually invisible. This device is ideal for teens and young kids who have difficulty dealing with traditional braces.  

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic or ‘clear’ braces are suitable if your child is self-conscious about metal braces. They are just as effective as metal braces, with the added benefit of being less noticeable. Clear or tooth-colored ceramic brackets are available, as are tooth-colored wires in some cases.

illustration of Kids Braces in Mint Hill

Are You Looking for Kid’s Braces in Mint Hill?

Here at Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry, we provide numerous services to help manage your child’s teeth. Get in touch with our team today to get started on your child’s oral health. We can’t wait to help them get a straight and beautiful smile!

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