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Orthodontic Treatments for Your Kids

Adults aren’t the only ones needing orthodontic treatments; children also need these devices. Kid’s dentists in Charlotte often recommend these devices to children who suffer from crooked, misaligned, and damaged teeth. Because there are so many devices to choose from, the quality, condition, and severity of your kid’s teeth will determine which treatment is best for them.  

While their dentist may recommend one or more treatment choices, it is ultimately up to you and your child to determine which device is best for their condition. To help you decide which device they should use, here are the top orthodontic appliances that most orthodontists recommend to their patients.    

Kids Dentist in Charlotte shows girl the proper way to brush teeth

Kids Orthodontic Treatments to Consider


Today, one of the oldest orthodontic devices for crooked and misaligned teeth is still prevalent even in younger generations. This device outperforms all other orthodontic tools on the market, which is why it’s used so commonly in dentistry.  


Retainers for kids prevent them from shifting after they’re done with braces. Patients getting orthodontic treatment may be required to wear this device for up to six months after their braces are removed. These braces keep the teeth in their new place while the bone tissue around them heals.   

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners may be the answer if your child doesn’t like braces. Patients unable to wear braces because of unforeseen circumstances are commonly prescribed this popular orthodontic appliance. These aligners work the same as braces, wherein they can fix mismatched and crooked teeth. The only difference is that you can remove these transparent aligners at any time. 

toddler having her teeth checked at Kids Dentist in Charlotte office

Do You Want to Learn More About a Kid’s Dentist in Charlotte?

If you want to keep your child’s teeth in good form, you should contact their orthodontist regularly. Here at Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry, we provide dependable and accurate orthodontic services. Please make an appointment with us now to learn more! 

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