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Bad Dental Habits Your Child Needs to Avoid

Children can take up unhealthy behaviors that harm their teeth’s functionality and appearance. Fortunately, you can break these habits before they become a recurring problem. Here are some of the most common bad practices seen by a pediatric dentist in 28173 that you should look for before they lead to tooth decay, cavities, misalignments, and other oral health problems.  

Child with Pediatric Dentist in 28173

Stop These Bad Dental Habits

Prolonged Pacifier Use

For babies, sucking on a pacifier is a common practice. However, using them until their toddler years can impede their normal tooth and jaw development. Your child’s teeth are more likely to become uneven and crooked if they don’t gradually stop using a pacifier around the age of one.   

Thumb Sucking

Like pacifiers, thumb sucking is normal for babies and small children before they reach their toddler years. This bad habit can cause problems with the development of their teeth and jaws, causing misaligned and crooked teeth as they grow. If your child doesn’t grow out of thumb sucking, they might need braces or aligners when they grow up.  

Using Teeth as Tools

While it’s common for children to use their teeth as tools, especially when opening bags of chips and other packaging, this habit shouldn’t be tolerated. This bad habit can cause damage to their teeth and their gums. This may even place your child at a greater risk of severe tooth injuries such as loose or missing teeth 

Not Observing Proper Oral Hygiene

Since oral health starts at a young age, children who neglect their oral health are more prone to health issues than those who keep up with it. Your child should develop a healthy oral care routine to help protect their teeth from future problems.

Child with Pediatric Dentist in 28173

Are You Looking for a Pediatric Dentist in 28173?

Your child’s oral health should start while they’re young. If you need help managing your kid’s oral health, our team at Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry can help you create lasting good oral habits for your child. Give us a call today to schedule a visit!

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