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What Happens During Dental Sedation?

While most modern dental procedures are quick, painless, and safe, some are hard to endure, especially for younger patients. Pediatric dentists in Mint Hill often recommend dental sedation to assist patients with anxiety and low pain tolerance so they can get through their procedure. No matter the kind of dental procedure, sedation dentistry has helped numerous people get through it. Here’s what to anticipate if you decide to have dental sedation performed on your child.  

Pediatric Dentist in Mint Hill places mask on girl's nose

What Happens During Dental Sedation    

Calm and Relaxed

Dental sedation is known to help patients stay calm and relaxed during their operation. Children can significantly benefit from this procedure since most are afraid of going to the dentist or have trouble staying calm during their dental process. The sedative will keep their heart rate low and their nerves calm throughout their visit.  

Sleepy Feeling

Drowsiness is one of this procedure’s most common side effects. Your child may feel sleepy both during and after surgery, depending on the strength of the sedative. This feeling arises because the sedative aids them in their process of relaxation.  

Low Heart Rate and Slow Breathing

While receiving dental sedation, the patient’s breathing will slow, and their pulse rate will drop. Since dental sedation is meant to make the patient more relaxed, it’s easy to notice that their breathing and pulse have slowed down. After the procedure, their heart rate and breathing will take 20 to 30 minutes to return to normal.  

Mild Amnesia

Although this effect is infrequent, there have been cases where patients have forgotten what happened during their dental visits. Parents should assist their children during their procedure to help them relax and comfort them after their visit.  

Pediatric Dentist in Mint Hill administers inhalation sedation on child

Are You Looking for a Pediatric Dentist in Mint Hill?

Now that you know what happens during dental sedation, you must talk to your child about the effects of this treatment before their scheduled visit. Here at Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry, our dentist can help your kids get through their dental procedures without any problems. Get in touch with our team today to get started! 

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