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Does Brushing Too Hard Damage Your Child’s Gums?

Are you committed to maintaining your child’s proper dental hygiene? If you are, you should teach them how to brush their teeth properly. Pediatric dentists in 28227 recommend that you teach your kids proper brushing techniques to avoid damaging their teeth and gums.  

If you want to know what excessive brushing can do to your child’s oral health, here’s what happens when your kids brush their teeth too hard.  

Pediatric Dentist in 28227 checking boy's teeth

The Harmful Effects of Brushing Too Hard

Premature Gum Deterioration

While the enamel on your child’s teeth is one of the most complex materials in the human body, their gums are not as rugged and durable as their teeth. Excessively brushing them might wear them down and cause them to deteriorate with each brush. Their gums may sustain substantial damage if they apply too much pressure and cause permanent damage to their oral health.  

Gum Recession

Brushing hard can cause the gum tissue to recede gradually. In addition to affecting the appearance of their smile, this could expose the roots of their teeth if the recession continues long enough. Because they lack the gums to protect them, tooth roots are far more susceptible to external stimuli and may be more sensitive to decay than the crowns of their teeth.  

Cuts and Bruises

While gum recession and deterioration can appear later, cuts and bruises surrounding your child’s teeth are one of the most apparent effects of brushing hard. Your child might experience bleeding gums during or after brushing vigorously, which can affect their overall oral health. Teach your kids to brush slowly and accurately while they are learning to brush their teeth to avoid future complications to their oral health.  

little boy with mother and Pediatric Dentist in 28227

Do You Need the Help of a Pediatric Dentist in 28227?

Here at Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry, our dentist can help you educate your children on proper brushing techniques and oral health care. If you want to learn more about our services, contact our dedicated team today! 

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