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Restorative Dentistry

Little smiles are a big priority! We boost your child’s dental health by getting their smile back on track. Our commitment to you, the parent, is important to getting your child a beautiful smile!

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Pediatric Crowns

To prevent your child’s teeth from decay, pediatric crowns strengthen teeth over time. A pediatric crown are “caps” that enrich your child’s teeth by thwarting any further damage to the weakened tooth.

White Fillings

Are the “sugar bugs” making it hard for your child to smile? With white fillings, we combine a strong tooth and a beautiful appearance in your child’s smile. As your child eats foods with large amounts of sugar, this weakens their tooth. White fillings prevent sugar bugs from spreading and makes their teeth strong.

Does your child need restorative dentistry in Charlotte?

Taking care of your child’s teeth is our main goal, here at Young & Polite Dentistry. We are always keeping parents in the loop about the state of your child’s oral health. Book an appointment online today!


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